Introducing The Colors of Brazil Collection

We are so happy to announce that we are now carrying eco-friendly jewelry by Colors of Brazil! This beautiful shop is owned by Nathalia Maduenho who hand crafts many of the breathtaking jewelry you will see at Black Oak Market. She is a proud supporter of the Fair Trade Market giving women and men in other countries a chance to earn an income through their craft of jewelry making. 

Eco Inspired Jewelry

“Jewelry is a way to connect with the beauty that surrounds us and to express ourselves”

Nathalia believes in jewelry made of nature’s resources as a form to represent all that mother-nature provides, and the beauty we need in our lives.

She has worked with Information Technology for many years, but deep inside she always dreamed of doing something else, something that she could use her imagination and creativity, although she has never thought about herself as being a creative person!

Nathalia’s passion for jewelry started late in her life with a necklace made of a fiber-like plant named “golden grass” that is originally from her country of Brazil. Getting to know the history behind that piece ,and all lives that are touched by its powerful shine, made her want to be part of this chain that connects and empowers women and men through their craft.

Each piece of her jewelry carries the energy of artisans hands who work with her, giving to that jewelry an unique history and identity. Through her jewelry, someone`s dream can come true.

Together, lets make this dream come true.

More about Nathalia

I am Nathalia Maduenho, I live in Columbia, Missouri with my husband and our two daughters.
Since 2011 when we have moved to Columbia, I decided not to have a full-time job anymore to be able to be with my daughters !
But the desire to start something new also appeared and I have decided to start working with small-scaled artisans and to make my own jewelry using resources mainly from nature and more important to my jewelry be eco friendly.
I am happy and excited to be on Etsy and with the opportunity of so many people to see my work !

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  1. Megan Author

    10% of all Sales from the Colors of Brazil Jewelry Collection will be donated to the Nature Conservancy to re-plant trees in the Brazil Rainforest!


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