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Last year around Christmas time, we teamed up with Thrive Market to help promote a clean, healthy lifestyle by choosing organic food and other products that are beneficial to HELPING our bodies and not hurting them. I believe that what you put into your body is either FEEDING a disease or FIGHTING it. We also aimed to find a new, creative way to gift-give.  We wanted to give people the gift of HEALTH. Without our health, we cannot live our day to day lives without restriction-it takes a toll on our dreams, and our relationships.

Occasionally throughout our blog posts, we will be sharing fun recipes, freebies, products we love and the latest deals on Thrive Market We want to inspire you to start caring about your food today-where it comes from, how its made, and most importantly, what health benefits it has! Be sure to check our daily posts on Instagram and Facebook, and if you’d like to receive these posts via email, you can sign up for the newsletter below! Thank you and Happy Thriving!


We chose Thrive Market because they offer organic, nutrition-packed, AFFORDABLE food and everyday living products. For just $5/month ($59.95/year) you have access to CLEAN food shipped straight to your door. Some of these brands can be found in local grocery stores, but at Thrive Market they are 25-50% off! Thats HUGE! You shouldn’t have to say “no” to your health because its too expensive….its not.

What else does Thrive Market do?

We also love this company because of what it stands for. For every annual membership bought, they DONATE one membership to a lower-income family. We will continue to campaign clean food for our health throughout the entire year.  We will also join the fight against the POISON that big corporations are putting in the majority of our food supply. Just realize that our biggest food sources are making us sick and putting us in hospitals and doctors offices driving up medical bills. Yes, the everyday food we consume with preservatives and other additives (aka chemicals) are causing diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity, and so many other diseases, not to mention, cancer.

To kickoff these 12 Days of Thriving, we want to share $60 credit AND a FREE copy of the “Kiss the Ground” book when you become a Thrive Member. Consider this your first pre-Christmas  score! You can view these details and get the link to get yours here——-> Kiss The Ground Offer

Please follow us on our journey to better health on our Facebook page, future blog posts on our website, and INSTAGRAM! Thank you so much for your support, we can’t wait to thrive with you!

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